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If you just stumbled on this post on Google or any other search engine and would like to know what Palmcredit is all about, let me do a little justice to that.

What is Palmcredit?

Palmcredit is a financial institution registered in Nigeria. The company is popular for giving micro loans to individuals and corporate organisations.

You can apply for loans ranging from N5000 to N500,000 using Palmcredit mobile application. Whether business loans, health loans, loans for rent and so on.

Once approved, you will get the money credited to your stipulated bank account almost instantly. You can then use it for whatever purpose you applied for it.

The more you pay back your loan and reapply for another one, the more you build up your credit history. This will make you eligible for higher loans from the financial institution.

If you need to contact the company for issues regarding your loan application, repayment, card deductions and others, feel free to use any of the methods listed in this guide.

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Palmcredit Customer Care Phone Number

To speak with Palmcredit customer service, dial 070072564357 using your mobile phone.

Another phone number you can use to contact Palmcredit customer care centre is 017001000.

Before dialling the number on your mobile phone, it is important you have your profile details ready with you. That way, it wouldn't take long to have the customer care agents resolve your issues.

Palmcredit Whatsapp Number

Would you like to chat with Palmcredit customer service on Whatsapp?

Becareful of adding any mobile number you pick online to your Whatsapp contact list.

The reason for that is because the official Palmcredit customer care Whatsapp number is yet to be made public by the company.

However, based on recent developments in the business world, we are sure this will be done soon. Once that happens, you will be the first to know about it because we'll keep updating this page on a daily basis.

I advise you to keep visiting this webpage regularly so that you can get Palmcredit Whatsapp number from a reliable source.

Palmcredit Official Customer Care Email Address

If you don't want to reach out to the customer service agents via phone call or Whatsapp, you can also do that by sending them a mail.

This method is simple and would not cost you anything. As long as you have data subscription on your line.

To do that, simply send a mail to using your Gmail, Yahoomail or any other email service account.

Ensure you indicate correctly the subject of your complaint and explain everything in mail. After that, you watch out for their reply.

Usually, it takes up to 24 hours to get a response from them. It may take longer now due to the delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Palmcredit Mobile App

This is another way you can use to reach out to the company's customer service support.

Simply download the Palmcredit mobile app and login on it.

Scroll to where you have the "Feedback" option and then send a message to them through that.

Social Media Method

Another way to contact Palmcredit customer service centre and get an instant reply is through social media platforms. E.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To do that, simply search for "Palmcredit" on any of the social networking platforms. Like their page and then go ahead to send them a message there.

In less than 24 hours, the issues you raised will be addressed.

Before sending them a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, ensure the page is genuinely theirs. One way you can know this is through the sign of verification (a blue tick) usually attached to their name.

Final Words

Palmcredit is a financial institution that allows you to apply and get a loan through their mobile application.

The company gives out business loans and other kinds of loans to both individuals and corporate establishments.

Are you interested in knowing Palmcredit customer care number, Whatsapp number, email address and social media pages?

This article features all the information you seek and much more.

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